Scene Black & white 10.00 EUR
Scene Color 15.00 EUR
Portrait (1 character) Black & white 10.00 EUR
Portrait (1 character) Color 20.00 EUR
Wedding invitation (groom & bride) Black & white 50.00 EUR
Wedding invitation (groom & bride) Color 50.00 EUR
Gallery 1 pcs. 3.00 EUR
Gallery 3 pcs. 6.00 EUR
Gallery 5 pcs. 10.00 EUR

             The above stated prices are for standard A4 format, but on demand we can work at any specified dimension or composition and we also do oil paintings at the request and specifications of the client, like you can see here For these please contact us on email or on the phone. Also the prices are for only one character, if you want more on the same sheet, the cost will be multiplied by that number.
             In the case you want the original drawing, this will be shipped to you by courier, at a double price than the one listed, plus the expedition fee.